Douglas B. Booher

Curriculum Vitae

PhD. Candidate

UCLA dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

1 March 2014



2013. PhD. Candidate, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

2012. Admitted to PhD. Program, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

1998-2001. Admitted to graduate school at the University of Georgia Institute of Ecology

1998. Bachelor of Science. Institute of Ecology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, University of Georgia.

Scholarships, Awards, and Fellowships

2014. 2015. Okinawa Insititute of Science and Technology, Economo Lab funding and support for the genomic phylogeny of the ant genus Strumigenys – $30,000

2014. Research and Conference Award, UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – $2000

2014. California Academy of Science, Participant, The Ant Course.

2013. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – $96,000, 3 years of funding.

2001. California Academy of Science, Participant, The Ant Course.

1997-2000. Teaching assistant (Herpetology, General Ecology and Population Ecology)

1998. Co-recipient of the Linnaeus Fund Award of The Chelonian Research Foundation.

1998. University of Georgia Natural History Museum Fellowship.

1993. Alpha Kappa Delta essay scholarship, Junior Classical League Latin scholarship, and Georgia state-funded Hope scholarship.


2013. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Internship – $5000

1996. Natural History Museum, University of Georgia.


2001-2011. Owner and president of The Cornerstone Floor Group. Athens, GA - Asheville, NC - New York, NY.

Appointments in Science

2014-present. Terrestrial Invertebrates Technical Team, Member Appointment, ant species of special concern, Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

2013-present. Curator of Georgia ants, California Academy of Science.

2013-present. Volunteer curator of ants, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Collection of Arthropods.

2011-present. Collections Associate, University of Georgia Collection of Arthropods. Senior Associates Dr. E. Hoebeke, Dr. Cecil Smith

2001-2011. Museum Volunteer Curator, University of Georgia Natural History Museum, Entomology. (Supervisor Dr. Cecil Smith).

1998. Research assistant. Behavioral Ecologist: Institute Of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens GA. Advised by Dr. P.A. Gowaty, >40 hours per week.

1997-1998. Lab Technician: Institute Of Ecology University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Identifying ground dwelling arthropods to family level.

1997. Museum of Natural History Fellow: University of Georgia Natural History Museum, Athens, GA. Research included study of niche use and biodiversity indices of small mammals and amphibians with regard to habitat type and previous land use. Advised by Dr. Joshua Laerm.

1997. Field Assistant: Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. I developed and implemented a systematic approach to insect sampling during fertile bluebird periods. Advised by Dr. Ken Ross and Dr. Patricia A. Gowaty.


2015. Wetterer, J.K., B. Guénard, and D. Booher. Geographic spread of Vollenhovia emeryi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Manuscript, accepted in Asian Myrmecology.

2012. D. Booher, J. A. MacGown, and R. M. Duffield, Colony structure and spatial partitioning of cavity dwelling ant species in nuts of eastern US forest floors. Abstracts of the 59th Annual Conference of the Mississippi Entomological Association, October 22-23, 2012. Midsouth Entomologist 6:96

2005. Tuberville, T. D., K. A. Buhlmann, R. K. Bjorkland and D. Booher 2005. Ecology of the Jamaican slider turtle (Trachemys terrapen) with implications for conservation and management. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 4:908-915.

2014. In Manuscript Booher, D.B. & Duffield, R.M. (2012) U.S. Caste Variation in Vollenhovia emeryi and North American record of Vollenhovia nipponica In Maryland. Unpublished manuscript.

2014. Submitted Manuscript. Biogeography and social evolution in the model ant genus Temnothorax. Guénard, B, J.Z. Shik, D. Booher, D. Lubertazzi, and G. Alpert. September 7, 2014.

Contributed Papers at Scientific Meetings: Presentations

2014. Oral Presentation. Douglas B. Booher. Congruence of Morphological Characters in Habitats Occupied by Strumigenys Species? International Union for the Study of Social Insects, Cairns, Australia. July 13-18.

2012. Douglas B. Booher, Joe A. MacGown, Richard M. Duffield, Stephen P. Hubbell. Density and Dispersion of Cavity Dwelling Ant Species in Nuts of Eastern US Forest Floors. November 2012 Entomological Society of America, Knoxville TN. Poster presentation.

1998. Douglas B. Booher Morphological differences between Jamaican slider populations, a new species? Presented at the University of West Indies, Kingston Jamaica.1998.

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