Camponotus yogi

camponotusyogi Formicidae Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmaphaenus) yogi Wheeler

While exploring Cold Canyon Preserve near Calabasas, California I discovered  Camponotus yogi, an odd and cute carpenter ant.  These guys were nesting in the base of a dry yucca flowering stalk of a SW facing slope.  About 20 yards away  in a moist ravine closely related Camponotus clarithorax nested in a fallen and rotted oak branch.  As with many other cavity dwelling ants, i.e. Leptothorax, the actual occupied nesting area within the fallen branch was devoid of rot and fungus and quite dry. Both of these ants are endemics to California.

C. clarithorax Formicidae Formicinae Camponotus (Myrmentoma) clarithorax Creighton 1950a (following Ward 2005)


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