Aesthetically pleasing and accurate curation.

As a collections associate at the GMNH  I put some of my woodworking skills to use in order to combine my own aesthetic bias with the need for standardized ant curation, mainly pinning heights.  I  developed a few point mount pinning blocks and am loosely pursuing their production-to-sale in support of my outreach program ant museum. I am interested in obtaining feedback on 1) interest, 2) standardized pin heights specifically for multiply mounted ants.  Anybody else have point preferences?
All Photos Credit to Douglas Booher using an iphone or an iphone and a microscope.


A.) Newspaper cut and placed on end allows pens to penetrate to point heights of 33mm, 30mm, and 27mm.    B.) Profile of point and label heights.    C.)Point, pen, and q-tip storage.    D.&E.) Travel size pinning block with newspaper pointing substrate.


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