A short introduction to me

About me: For the past ten or twelve years I have owned and manufactured a company that produces a line of reclaimed wood products, The Cornerstone Floor Group.  This company brought me great creative and financial freedom as well as provided international experiences I cherish.  But,  over the past couple years I have found myself back at a microscope, turning rocks, or sifting litter –looking for and identifying ants as well as volunteering my time curating the Georgia Museum of Natural History’s ant collection.  Last year, during one of my last work trips, I went to Brazil.  It was a dream job and I was there for 20 days working with my favorite designers on a massive estate for a client I knew well. An Architectural Digest job that should define my career, however, my interest lie elsewhere and I spent any moment of free time in the wilderness snapping twigs and sifting litter looking for Strumigenys ants.  The excitement of discovery, of just seeing new things and the hunt for new ants (to me or science) is possibly my only indefatigable quality.   After an arduous process of grad school applications and a move across the US I am now at UCLA pursuing a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. Studying ants!

A collection of three of over 100 Vollenhovia emeryi gynandromorphs collected by R.M. Duffield and myself in Maryland last year. We are working on a manuscript at present to describe the colony structures of over 50 colonies (25,000+ individuals) collected over the past year. (more to come)

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