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Discover and explore outdoors and learn.

- How scientists study ants.
- Where ants live and what they eat.
- How ants interact with plants and animals.
- How to find and observe ants using scientific methods.

At Ant Museum, our goal is to inspire creativity in young scientists by providing an academic network of support through regional natural history museums.

Because most science education is graded on scales of memory and not creativity, I developed the ant museum course. I encourage participants to learn about the importance of creative and independent scientific thinking. Students will participate in the Ant Musuem biodiversity research project that is supplemented with lesson plans and outdoor activities over the six week course.

Information is available for students to complete assignments and merit is awarded to students for their creative efforts (not memorization). Most weekly lessons and activities can be completed in an afternoon, but I hope the Ant Museum inspires individuals to investigate their own interests with newly learned skills. Certificates are awarded to students that complete the course according to the National Academy of Sciences standards through the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Participants will learn about ants and their environment and also about the natural world they share with ants.


Elliot and Logan Join The Ant Museum Course
by Douglas Booher - Saturday, 2 February 2013, 08:01 PM
Over the next 6 weeks two students from Knoxville, Logan and Elliot, will use information from Ant Museum along with their personal observations to construct their own hypotheses. They wish to study ants in woodland habitats within the city limits. It just happens to be near the location where Donald Pfitzer first found the very rare ant Strumigenys cloydi in 1951.

They will also be helping Ant Museum improve future participation. Thanks!

Course Dates
by Douglas Booher - Monday, 7 January 2013, 01:35 PM
We plan to offer the ant museum course in the second week of April and also in the 3rd week of June.

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